Faith at Work Groups, sometimes called “small groups” meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly in homes or at church for study, fellowship, and service.

Faith at Work Groups in a Nutshell

What Is A Faith-At-Work Group?

Small groups of 10-15 that:

• Meet regularly;

• Share experiences through Christian fellowship;

• Share ideas and thoughts through the study of the Word;

• Nurture each other through listening and prayer;

• Encourage each other through words and actions.

Structure of a Faith-At-Work Group

• Members may be singles, couples, multi-generational, or intergenerational;

• Meeting terms can have a 2-year life or open-ended;

• Usually meet monthly at a time convenient for all;

• Rotate among member homes or meet at church;

• Study and share are the central themes.

Common Format of a Faith-At-Work Meeting

• Meetings usually are for 90 minutes to 2 hours as agreed;

• Refreshments – enjoy a dessert or light meal together;

• Meetings typically have time to share happenings in your life with the group;

• Meetings typically have a devotion time: Bible study or book study regarding a Christian theme or topic;

• Time of prayer, a time to bring your own needs of supplication to the group to raise to God.


Faith-At-Work Groups Are Instruments of Action

 In addition to regular meetings, groups often share in outreach, fellowship, and mission activities such as:

• Preparing a meal for Lenten Nights or for the North Church community in Cleveland;

• Working at the Cleveland Foodbank on a Saturday morning;

• Going on mission trips (e.g., Hurricane Katrina relief, Joplin tornado relief, Nicaragua, and Guatemala);

• Cleanup days at John Knox church.

How to Join a Faith-At-Work Group

• Contact Jessie MacMillan by phone at the church office or via email (

• Indicate whether you are interested in joining an existing group or would be open to starting a new group.

• The Spiritual Growth Committee will assist with matching you up with a group or

helping support you in starting your own group.

• The Spiritual Growth Committee will also help provide study ideas and materials for your meetings.