Guatemala Mission

2015 Guatemala Medical Mission

GUATEMALA MEDICAL MISSION TRIP was another experience where we all saw God at work in our hearts and through us to those with great medical need.  20 of us went to 5 communities in the very rural mountains of Alta Verapaz region of Guatemala.  We needed 15 translators to help us with 3 indigenous languages, Spanish and of course English.   We saw over 1000 patients for general health needs – parasites/worms/diarrhea/many aches and pains.  400 teeth were pulled, 1000 prescriptions were given out and 600 people received glasses and sunglasses.  God sent us to where the need was GREAT!!.  Government clinics were closed and the people do not have funds for medicines.
Our arms were touches after almost every contact and a blessing was given in as well as hugs and tears shared.  Your prayers sustained us through the long days but our spirits were uplifted every time we heard children laughing as they enjoyed our games with them.  Picture Docs and Nurses doing the Hokey Pokey and Chicken dance with them!
We thank all of you for your prayers and resources that you shared to make this Journey possible.  You helped all make a ‘Joyful Noise” for the Lord!!


Over the course of 5 days of clinics, at least 30 locals VOLUNTEER their time to translate from the native Mayan dialects into Spanish and then into English.  Each year the team gives 30 gifts for the non-profit organization’s leaders to give to those who were the most active.  Going in January instead of our usual March, we got to experience first-hand how cold it gets at night, as low as 48 where we were staying, and even worse, of course, higher up in the mountains… we know for a fact that another blanket will be of great value to our volunteers, since furnaces do not exist in Guatemala.
Please know how MUCH your donation of blankets has impacted MANY lives, as well as the 2500 eye cloths (cut from the towels) that we give to our patients so they can have a hot compress to relieve the sting/itching/burning in their eyes due to the intense sun, dirt in the air, and smoke from wood-burning fires to cook.

the assembly line begins

wrapped inside each blankets is some American candy, and of all things, a toothbrush donated by our dentist. It’s the thought that counts, right

some fold, some stuff, only the best tie the bows

this is only part of them

a HUGE thank you from our team to yours! (there were 20 of us total.)