Healing Prayer Ministry

The Healing Prayer Ministry at John Knox is available to anyone seeking prayer support. Healing prayer is offered as an extension of worship on the second Sunday of each month. At least two healing prayer teams will be available in the front pew to hear prayer concerns and offer individual prayer.

Healing prayer is also available by appointment during the week in the prayer room of the church. Please call Abigail in the church office (440-777-3744) to request healing prayer during the week.

Who can benefit from healing prayer?

Healing prayer is not reserved for those who suffer physical illness or pain. It is available to all who seek to mend the physical, spiritual, or emotional brokenness that separates them from God. (1 Thessalonians 5:23)

What can I expect during healing prayer?

On the second Sunday of each month, members of the healing prayer ministry will be seated in teams of two facing the front pew on both sides of the church sanctuary. To receive healing prayer, simply come forward at the close of the worship service. Once seated in the front pew, the healing prayer team members will introduce themselves and ask you to tell them about the concern for which you seek healing prayer. Together, you will quiet your minds and ready yourselves for prayer, which the healing prayer members will lead. With your permission, the healing prayer team members will lay hands on you during prayer. Following prayer, you will be asked if you would like to be anointed in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

A similar procedure will be used in the prayer room when healing prayer is requested during the week. Members of the healing prayer ministry work in teams of two because Jesus sent the disciples (Luke 9:1-2) and then seventy others (Luke 10) in pairs to pray for the healing others.

Should you have questions beyond the information provided, please call any one of the following members of the healing prayer ministry team:

Kay Beavan: 440-779-9454

Suzanne Eyer: 440-779-8708

Ruth Hau: 440-779-5924

Mary Lou Higgerson: 440-417-3698

Elma King: 440-777-7403

Bob Wheeler: 440-353-0714